"Aviva" portrays the relationship between Eden and Aviva, and how the conflicts and difficulties in balancing the masculine/feminine balance within themselves extends outward and challenges their connection. Both characters are played by both a man and a woman each, and the film is narrated for the most part by Eden's female side.
Eden and Aviva and their journey as a couple; from courtship to marriage, to divorce and finally into a deep friendship - it's theme is the masculine/feminine duality in each individual and how that balance or imbalance affects the relationship between them, so both characters are played by a man and woman.

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Boaz Yakin



Director: Boaz Yakin
Producer: Boaz Yakin, Carlos Zozaya
Screenwriter: Boaz Yakin
Cinematographer: Arseni Khachaturan
Editor: Holle Singer
Production Designer: Estee Braverman
Sound Designer: Jacob Flack
Music: Asaf Avidan
Principal Cast: Zina Zinchenko, Bobbi Jene Smith, Tyler Phillips, Or Schraiber
Additional Credits: Choreography : Bobbi Jene Smith, Co-choreography : Or Schraiber


Miguel Govea & Brett Walker
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Brett Walker
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Ryan Werner
(212) 204-7979
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Year: 2020
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre: Drama, Experimental
Screening Section: Visions
Screening Category: Narrative Feature
Country: France, United States
Language: English
Runtime: 116 mins