Animated Shorts Program

Animated Shorts Program

Program Details:

Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband
Genre:  Animated Comedy Drama
Screening Section: Animated Shorts Competition
Screening Category: Shorts Program
Runtime: 101 mins

Program Includes:

The story describes a man who needs all the decorations of his home to be placed in a square frame made of adhesive tape so as to feel peace of mind. As soon as the item was not within the range he had set, he would correct it immediately, so he would wear a roll of tape on his wrist to be ready for any occasional need ...

Bernard Lepique is the CEO of “Quasi”, a company specializing in the production of half-bio, half-antibiotics chickens. Today Bernard is launching its new kind of chicken, but everything does not go as planned...

A betrayed wife starts to investigate her husband’s mistresses. Her jealousy is gradually replaced by curiosity.

These are dark times. The growing amount of political, social and environmental issues fill the agendas of millions of concerned people around the world. You may think that in our modern and thorough times, every potential hazard has been identified. There is a critical issue that, as yet, nobody has taken into consideration: how dangerous dance can be.

"No, I Don’t Want to Dance" is a collection of quirky vignettes in which unfortunate characters go through bad times, but it looks like they are dancing!
It’s a stop motion animated short film which aims to raise awareness of how deadly dangerous dance can be.

A girl struggles with her identity, as she tries to find something to grab on to before gravity pulls her to space.

Caitlin McCarthy has created an alternative to the standard high school movie more in line with her real life experience. A naive but determined internet dweller goes to some seedy lengths to fit in at school, but it still doesn’t go quite to plan. With nods and references to memes and subcultures, the film is a twisted look at awkward adolescent struggles.

A girl kills a slug which results in her finger transforming into it. She's horrified. She tries to hide it and pretend it isn't there but it doesn't work. Upon revealing her secret while on a date she tries to take drastic action to get rid of it but can't go through with it. She then faces the consequences of living with a slug for a finger.

Blackheads is a stop motion and 2D animated short film about a woman coping with bad therapy, heartbreak, and blackheads. Told through a dreamy, winding, narrative of autobiographical fiction, Blackheads follows a young woman through a morning spent recounting — and attempting to internally reconcile — heartbreak.

The identity crisis of a marginalized young human takes physical form as she discovers first the conditions that keep her there, then discovers her own power of transformation through her refusal to conform to false norms that strip everyone of their freedom, humanity, and individuality.

Ace Naismith is having a hot flash, and she is about to go live on local television. An animated comedy about a woman trying to keep her cool when one type of flash leads to another.

A group of children witnesses a crime and is forced to remain silent. Auguste, the youngest, finds the burden too heavy and decides to reveal this secret.

A goose remembers his last migration.

A lullaby before the great disaster. Two pigeons visit a zoo without animals, a snail measures his blood pressure at the doctor, in the Cern laboratory something has gone terribly wrong. Six moments from our age, like memories of the world we leave behind.

After years of long distance, a pair of big and beautiful boyfriends celebrate their reunion at a Stevie Nicks concert, where they share a brush with magic.

At 3.00 am Frank is unable to sleep as he obsesses and ruminates over his bad joke-telling social faux-pas, leading him to ponder on the nature of memory itself. He becomes trapped in a loop, a self-imposed purgatory for what seems like an age as the clock ticks by. This comedic and surreal look at how our brains can keep us awake at night and the mercurial nature of memory mixes live-action puppetry and expressive hand-drawn animation to convey both the physical world and Frank's inner thoughts.

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