I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me is a full-length documentary about the life of Brian Belovitch, who in the 1980s, as a trans woman named Tish, was one of New York’s most famous downtown divas. “Tish was a glamorous busty lusty Fellini-esque beauty, cabaret chanteuse, party and good time girl,” says journalist Michael Musto, in the film. Then, after more than a decade as Tish, she transitioned back to Brian. Now in his sixties, Brian’s iterations include army wife and loving husband; sex worker; club performer; actor; author; AIDS survivor and playwright. Today, he’s a substance abuse counselor for the LGBTQ community. His unique odyssey is a moving and thought-provoking look at gender identity.

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Karen Bernstein




Director: Karen Bernstein
Executive Producer: Robert J. Barnhart
Producer: Karen Bernstein, Nevie Owens, Picture Box Productions
Cinematographer: Scott Sinkler, Deborah Eve Lewis, Mike Nicholson
Editor: Nevie Owens
Sound Designer: Lyman Hardy
Music: David Hamburger
Principal Cast: Brian Belovitch, Tish, Jim Russell, Gloria Walker, Michael Musto
Additional Credits: Associate Producer: Tobin Levy, Consulting Producer: Mitch Schultz, DI Editor/ Colorist: Parke Gregg, Post Production Supervisor: Allison Turrell, Dialogue Editor/ re-recording mixer: Lyman Hardy


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Karen S Bernstein
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Karen Bernstein
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Year: 2019
Genre: LGBTQ
Screening Section: Festival Favorites
Screening Category: Documentary Feature
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 82 mins