Make Up

Make Up

When reserved teenager Ruth(Molly Windsor) finds a smeared lipstick stain on her boyfriend Tom’s (Joseph Quinn) mirror and a strand of red hair on his T-shirt, a sense of unease creeps into their caravan.
Refusing to confront Tom with the discovery, Ruth’s mind whirls with spectres of jealousy. When she starts to work with the confident and vivacious Jade (Stefanie Martini), her scarlet nails and the hint of red in her hair amplifies Ruth’s growing fixation. Ruth tries to keep her misgivings at bay but her haunting suspicions begin to feed an obsession that threatens her relationship with Tom. Little did she know something entirely different from jealousy may be haunting her...

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Claire Oakley




Director: Claire Oakley
Executive Producer: Paul Ashton, Mary Burke, Steve Jenkins, Zorana Piggott, Jim Reeve, Eva Yates
Producer: Emily Morgan
Screenwriter: Claire Oakley
Cinematographer: Nick Cooke
Editor: Sacha Szwarc
Production Designer: Sofia Stocco
Sound Designer: Ania Przygoda
Music: Ben Salisbury
Principal Cast: Molly Windsor, Joseph Quinn, Stefanie Martini


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Sales Agent
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Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
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Year: 2019
Premiere Status: North American Premiere
Genre: Mystery
Screening Section: Visions
Screening Category: Narrative Feature
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Runtime: 85 mins