2024 Sponsors
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The 2020 Green Tech Touring Kit
Aaron Brice (Ambient Inks): Mentor
Ableton User Group Meet Up
AI and the Future of Musical Creativity
Alastair Burns (Heartstop Music): Mentor
Alex Bruford (ATC Live): Mentor
Amy Presley (KACV-FM): Mentor
Amy Pugh (Stingray Music): Mentor
Anna Bond (Songtrust): Mentor
Athena Koumis (Twitch): Mentor
Mar 19, 2020
12:30pm – 1:45pm CT
Becci Scotcher (PRS Foundation): Mentor
Ben Morris (Domino Publishing): Mentor
Beyond Stereo: The Future of Immersive Audio
Blockchain for The Music Industry
Brigitte Wright (Black Box): Mentor
Bryan Mooney (CD Baby): Mentor
Building an Audience Through Niche Marketing
Caren Kelleher (Gold Rush Vinyl): Mentor
Charlie Davis (BMG): Mentor
Chris Moon (46 by 46): Mentor
Chris Palmer (Madison House): Mentor
The Collaboration is the New Sponsorship
Collapsing the House: The Art of Prison Reform
Concerts in the Era of Spatial Computing
Craig Canigilia (Human): Mentor
Daniel Sena (Interscope Records): Mentor
Data Scientists in Music Meet Up
David Peris (Transmission Media): Mentor
David Ponte (Audiomack): Mentor
David Price (Votiv): Mentor
Diversity in Live Music on and off the Stage
Eddie Sanders (Troglia Kaplan): Mentor
Eric Knapp (YouTube): Mentor
Mar 19, 2020
3:30pm – 4:45pm CT
F*ck the Gatekeepers. Wait, Maybe We Need Them?
Fiona Bloom (The Bloom Effect): Mentor
Future of Interactive LIVE: STEAM behind Music
The Future of Live Music: Blended Realities
The Future of the Supply Chain in Music
George Goodrich (Playlist Push): Mentor
Global Indie Meet Up
Date TBA
Venue TBA
Gontran Mabetomoka (Listen!): Mentor
How Technology Will Enhance Live Experiences
How to Save a Life: Healthcare that Heals
How To Use Data To Break Hit Records
Hunter Scott (TREND): Mentor
Ian Imhof (Xavier Industries): Mentor
Igor Guizzardi (DESSSERT): Mentor
Indi(e)genous American Musicians
Interdisciplinary Music Mingler
iOS Production: Music for Airports?
Isabel Arisso (Concord Music Publishing): Mentor
Jason Joven (Chartmetric): Mentor
Jayne Costello (Concord Music Publishing): Mentor
Jeff Brabec (BMG): Mentor
Jeff Freling (Victor & Penny): Mentor
Jennifer Lasher (Jen Lasher Ent): Mentor
Jessica Johnson (AWAL): Mentor
John Katovsich (Endemol Shine): Mentor
Josh Briggs (Terrorbird Media): Mentor
Josh Scarratt (Shake PR): Mentor
Josiah Albertsen (Pandora): Mentor
Juliette Carter (Like MGMT): Mentor
Laurel Stearns (business card): Mentor
Lead Like a Woman: Finding Your Path to the Top
Level Up: Contextual Playlisting Driven by AI
Listen Together
Date TBA
Venue TBA
Lou Plaia (ReverbNation): Mentor
Lulu Davis (Incendia Music): Mentor
Lynne Sheridan (GRAMMY Museum): Mentor
Making Space: Women in Spatial Audio
Marc Fridson (Sony Music): Mentor
Marc Kordelos (UNCLE): Mentor
Marilyn Reles (Present PR): Mentor
Mayra Cortez (Universal Music Publishing): Mentor
Meet The Managers Meet Up
Michael Gross (Google): Mentor
The Middle Eastern & North African Music Markets
MIDI 2.0 for Musicians
Mira Mija: Music as a Vehicle for Change
The Music Biz is Addicted to Data
Music Cities of the Future: What You Need to Know
Music City Pops
Date TBA
Venue TBA
Music & Nonprofits Meet Up: Agents of Change
Music Technology Forecasting
Music to My Eyes: AR and the Music Industry
Natalie Graham (MPA): Mentor
Natural & Artificial Flavors in Music Meet Up
Nina Carter (BMI): Mentor
Noel Morrison (Pandora/SiriusXM): Mentor
Parul Chokshi (Vevo): Music Mentor
Paul Insinna (Poptrend Music): Mentor
Paul Rocha (Secret City Records): Mentor
The Power of Third Party Playlists
Rachel Scarpati (HFA/Rumblefish): Mentor
Redefining Audio: From "Listen to" to "Listen with"
Date TBA
Venue TBA
The Resurgence of Vinyl and How to Sustain It
Robert Gross (BMG): Mentor
Robin McNicol (Live Nation): Mentor
The Role of Humans in Music AI
The Romanticization of Mental Illness
Rory Felton (Feltone): Mentor
Ryan Kofman (BMG): Mentor
Sanaz Lavaedian (Mocean): Mentor
Secrets of the Music Business Jedi Managers
Date TBA
Venue TBA
Sharna Pascolo (Penny Loafer PR): Mentor
Sound Design and Synthesis Meet Up
Spain & Latin America Music Meet Up
The Stand Outs: Originality in Hip-Hop's New Era
Steven Ambers (SOCAN): Mentor
Stuart Rau (Stuart Rau Music): Mentor
Studios in the Cloud
Date TBA
Venue TBA
Sung Cho (Chartmetric): Mentor
Supercharging Sound Experiences with Audio AR
SXSW College Music & Radio Day Meet Up
Technological Disruptions of the Music Industry
Tenni Gharakhanian (AAM): Mentor
Texas Music Communities on Life Support
Tina Chen (Universal Music Publishing Group): Mentor
Todd Brabec (musicandmoney.com): Mentor
Todd Horn (Circum-Navigate): Mentor
Todd Porter (Hated Industries): Mentor
Tom Lee (Arcade Songs): Mentor
Tommy Ringhofer (Ketchum, Inc.): Mentor
Transforming Big Data into Music Impact
Tristan Carosino (Votiv): Mentor
The Uncanny Valley of Sound
Unlocking the Musical Brilliance of Millions
Visualizing Shared Musical Experience
We're Here: A QTPOC Meet Up for Artists
What is Consciously Sourced Merch?
What's Your Soundtrack? How Music Marks Our Lives
Why All Cities Need Cultural Infrastructure Plans
William Church (ATC Live): Mentor
Winning Ad Models for Artists, Brands, & Agencies
Women in Music Meet Up
Date TBA
Venue TBA
Yoly Avalos (Bquate): Mentor
Young Voices in the Music Industry Meet Up