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Action Planning for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs
The Algorithm that Grief Built
The (Augmented) World’s a Canvas
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Auto Safety from the Racetrack to the Road
Beyond Diversity Day in the Office
Beyond the Fat Suit: The Future of International Sumo
Birth Control for All Women
The Bleeps and Bloops that Made Video Game Music
Breathe Your Goals to Life!
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Cannabis in the Context of Plant-Based Wellness
Cannabis vs. the Opioid Crisis
Chile: Latin America’s Best Place for Startups
Computational Creativity for Gastronomy
Crazy Bold Goal Setting: 100 Days to the Olympics
Dare to Start a Woman-Centric Business
Dear Women in Tech, Cannabis Needs You
Death & Dying in the Modern Workplace
Decriminalize Sex Work
Double Your Impact in Half the Time
Faux Diversity and Bridges to Inclusion
Fire & Laser Beams: 3D Printing a New Space Age
Formula 1 Racetrack Tech Infiltrates Our World
Formula Tomorrow: Sustainability, EV’s, & AI in F1
The Future of Hospitality
Future of Interactive LIVE: STEAM behind Music
The Future of Oral Health
Hack the Poacher
HBCU Battle of the Brains - #WhyWeBattle
Helping Your Digital Assistant Speak in Metaphors
Highly Functional: Microdosing Cannabis
The History and Future of Fashion in Space
How a Scarf and Your Dog Can Sway the Internet
How Curbs are Accelerating the Future
How Do You Do MacGyver in Space
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How Men Can Lean In to Help Women Rise
How Technology Will Enhance Live Experiences
How to Save a Life: Healthcare that Heals
How To Use Data To Break Hit Records
How to Use Humor as a Mindfulness Strategy
How Women Can Save Journalism
Listen Together
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Localization: Designing Across Borders
Love, Robots, Mars: Becoming an Astronaut
Making Farming Fun Again
Mexico, the Sleeping Giant of Entrepreneurship
Modern Parenting Solutions
Movement and Physicality in the Different Realities
Nature Tech Meets Body Tech
Neurodiverse Recruiting: How to be Truly Inclusive
Not Your Mama's Social Impact
Optimize Your Gut, Settle Your Mind
The Paradigm Shift in Cannabis Consumers
The Parentech Revolution
Pizza: From Old Napoli to New Japan
Politics, Policy, Personalities & Women
Protecting Pregnancy with Smartphones
PvE Esports - A Sleeping Giant
The Race Car in Your Garage
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Race You There: 90 Minute Transatlantic Travel
 The Rapid Efficiency of Animation in VR
Reddit Testing Your Way to a Billion Dollar Idea
Re-imagine Death, Fight Climate Change
The Resurgence of Vinyl and How to Sustain It
The Rise of Freemium-Natives
The Road to Research: How We Can Unlock Cannabis
The Romanticization of Mental Illness
The Science of Plant-Based Eating
Sex Education [re]Designed
Silicon Valley Meets the Luangwa Valley
Social Media: The Impact On Art and Design
Solving for Toronto
Standing Out as a Cannabis Brand
Starting a Niche Cannabis Brand
Startup Comedy: RydeMyPony (The Uber for Ponies)
State of The Union: Designing Data Driven Flags
“Stay True”, Not an “Us Too”
Stockholm: Listen and They Will Come
Tech Is a Brown Girls Thing
Tech’s Upside for Humans
Tech x Accessibility for Disability
The Time I Smashed a TV and Saw the Face of God
Too Much Damn Content
Warhammer 40,000 - The Grimdark Community
We Need Product Thinking to Save Journalism
We Target the Ones We Love
What is Consciously Sourced Merch?
When Busking Meets Social Media
Why Report on South Asians?
Why Tech is the Future for Women at Work
Wildpreneurs: Turning Passion Into Business
Will Smart Cities Hurt Humanity?
Women Power: the Original Natural Resource
XR in 2020: Rift Causer or Relationship Strengthener?
Your Next Startup Should Be In France