AI & the Future of Free Will

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How much of your decision making do you outsource? Often without realizing it, technology is persuasively telling us what to think and do. As we continue to incorporate AI-enabled tools into our daily lives — from recommendation engines to the latest AI assistants — are we actually in control of our lives? How much decision making are you comfortable outsourcing? This panel explores agency in a world powered by smart technology. It discusses how algorithms nudge society's behavior, the neuroscience behind our tech relationships, and free will in an age where tech giants understand us in the most intimate ways. Attendees will leave questioning their relationship to AI-powered tools and explore how to be in control of these algorithmic relationships.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

Nikki Finnemore

Ariera Innovation

Bahar Gholipour

Department Of Magic

Ria Kalluri

Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Ola Kowalewski

Singularity University

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