Featured Session: The Future of Influence is #accountable

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Featured Session: The Future of Influence is #accountable


Sophia Bush

Ara Katz

Seed Health Inc.

We live in a world where millions drink celery juice to ‘flush toxins’, ‘restore the brain’, and ‘cure cancer’. Millions more refuse to vaccinate their children, even in the face of the largest measles outbreak since we first eliminated it. Half our country denies that climate change is real.

Evangelism outpaces evidence every day. Misinformation, compounded by confirmation bias, is fueled by algorithms optimized for clicks — not truth. And what happens when money enters the equation? Will truthful information get the most likes? Convert the most sales?

While we are all influencers — whether we have an audience of 1, 10, or 10M — those with large platforms wield power to impact beliefs and behaviors at scale, for better or worse.

So what would it mean if we were all #accountable?

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