Building the Cybernetic Newsroom of the Future

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There has been a lot of talk about robots and AI - sometimes about how they will replace drudgery, and sometimes about how they will replace journalists. The real future lies in between: The cybernetic newsroom, marrying the best of machine capability and human judgement to drive better journalism. In newsrooms, machines do some things very well – they analyze and sift through data tirelessly. Humans are good at asking the right questions and understanding context. Put bluntly, machines write bad stories and journalists struggle with mounds of data. This panel will explore these concepts and how the cybernetic newsroom, which increasingly calls on the undisputed power of robots, but never loses sight of the importance of human judgment and journalism, is shaping the future of journalism.

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photo of Reg Chua
Reg Chua


photo of Jeremy Gilbert
Jeremy Gilbert

The Washington Post

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Cheryl Phillips

Stanford University

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