We Need to Talk about the Meritocracy Myth Meet Up


Laura Florence

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Camila Moletta

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Meritocracy is social ideal that is widely believed in the liberal/western world: if you work harder than your peers and follow your goals, you will achieve anything you want. But is that really true when the playing field is not even? We intend to explore the historical barriers and unconscious biases towards minority groups, such as women, black people and LGBTQ in a different kind of panel, where we listen to different sides of the story. There is no stage and no hierarchy, only four chairs in the center of a circle. How it works: a mediator contextualizes the issue; three people start the conversation, while the fourth chair is empty; after 15m the audience is invited to sit on the remaining chair; the original three people will also get up and the audience will take turns participating.

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Format: Meet Up
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate