Workshop: Crossing the Abyss - Gaming Middleware For Musicians

While recording technology for music, film, and television have long standardized on the workflow of compose-record-process-mix within static timelines, the gaming industry has distinctly different workflows and development environments. For musicians, composers, and producers looking to expand or transition their careers to gaming and immersive music and audio, the production learning curve can be extremely steep—and there are few resources to compare/contrast the specialized audio tools available.

The application of middleware audio implementation solutions is quickly becoming integral to the dynamic nature of game music. Implementation and preparing your music for integration has been left to the wayside, often neglected by creatives and left until the very last moment of development to be utilized. Similar to the adage "we'll fix it in post", waiting to think critically about the dynamic opportunities of middleware leaves little flexibility later in the audio production pipeline. Middleware solutions and building out your musical system should be at the forefront of your creative process and not an afterthought. Knowledge of how your music will be implemented and designing your own simple musical system of sub-tracks, switches, real time parameter controls, and more can you make you an invaluable asset to the development team and the overall immersive experience. Working in these middleware formats, beyond the DAW, has become increasingly more common and is the creative standard of the future. Making middleware an integral part of your composition process helps your music deliver emotional impact far beyond your current imagining.

In this panel, Cody Matthew Johnson (Co-Founder, Audio Director, and Lead Composer of Emperia Sound and Music) will demonstrate his audio production workflow for gaming, how he’s adapted his composition process from linear media (Film, TV, licensing, songwriting, and more) and the tools available within established middleware platforms—enabling artists from the music and film industries to better understand the unique skills needed to tailor their creations for gaming.

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