Racial Justice and Equity in the Time of COVID-19

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The impact of the pandemic has pulled back the covers to clearly demonstrate our country’s racial inequities, among many other issues. America’s refusal to deal with its history of racism makes the impact of COVID-19 on Black and Brown communities neither surprising nor accidental. It is the result of systemic racism in housing, education, employment, healthcare, policing, and other sectors that stem from the legacy of oppression created by the institution of slavery that is still prevalent in our institutions today.

We need structural reform to dismantle the deep-seated racism and inequity that permeates our institutions, and we need to invest more in Black communities and pave the way for reparations. To create a world where “we the people” truly means all of us, we must dismantle systemic racism and work to repair centuries of harm inflicted on communities of color.

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Deborah N. Archer

New York University School of Law

ReNika Moore

American Civil Liberties Union

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