IDFA DocLab: Why Is Immersive Art Still Homeless?

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How to find the right exhibition context for immersive art? Should we (only) look at museums, cinemas and theatres? Or also consider our living rooms, video arcades or even restaurants? Together with key players who have been pushing the boundaries of the form, the 13th annual IDFA DocLab Showcase at SXSW invites you to explore possible homes for these undefined art forms.

Toby Coffey examines how emerging technologies can widen and enhance dramatic storytelling at the National Theatre (London). With Diversion cinema Paul Bouchard brings the best immersive experiences to wide audiences. Wotienke Vermeer (IDFA) shares insights from experimenting with exhibition formats in a festival context as part of the IDFA DocLab R&D Program in collaboration with MIT Open Documentary Lab.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

Paul Bouchard

Diversion cinema

Toby Coffey

National Theatre


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