White Guy Confidence: The Case for “Faking It” Better Than Your Peers

The data is in: white men still nab the high majority of professional opportunities, while often women and people of color are overlooked and underestimated. There are a lot of well documented systemic reasons for this, but White Guy Confidence is in part a toolkit – some noble, some ignoble – of learnable techniques, behaviors, and attitudes. An effortless "Fake It Till You Make It" attitude. I contend rather than sulk about this, we can learn from this "White Guy Confidence", a concept very familiar to many women and people of color, and use it to the advantage of our causes and communities. Not just because we can, but because if we don't, we may continue to face the same barriers again and again. In this Focus15 talk, you’ll learn some techniques from the White Guy Confidence toolkit, and how to practically leverage them in your everyday effort to make big things happen in the world. Featuring performances by real white men. All genders and ethnicities welcome.

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