Breaking Through the Noise: Using Influencers to Mainstream Conservation

To be conservation-minded should be the norm, but it’s not. Protecting our planet should be a mainstream message, but it’s not. When we try to figure out why it isn’t, we’ve got to look at what is. Pop culture news, celebrities, and influencers take up prime real estate in the news and social media we consume daily — everything from what their newborn’s name is, to where they shop and what they’re wearing — these things make headlines and it can feel daunting to attempt to break through it all. Instead of working against pop culture to get our message out, why not work with it?

Arnelle will discuss using the voices and the platforms of celebrities and social influencers to reach new audiences that conservation has never reached before. Pairing influencers with strategic content marketing and applying that within the conservation realm, we open up the dialogue to a much broader audience.

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photo of Arnelle Lozada
Arnelle Lozada

Global Wildlife Conservation

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