The Rapid Efficiency of Animation in VR

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The simple spatial nature of Virtual Reality provides a new way of interfacing with digital tools. Traditionally, natural movement has been difficult to re-create in digital environments because of the limitations of the input devices; keyboards, mice and even tablets were difficult to use when creating natural gestures or fluid strokes.

With VR, not only do the controllers provide an easy way to translate natural movement with its accelerometers, but the immersive environment provides a whole new level of interaction between the artist and her piece. Already, leading figures in the space have emerged. One such figure is Goro Fujita, who animates in VR every day, creating beautiful animated scenes in often only 30 minutes. Another is Dan Franke, who created a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

This talk will showcase and detail the creative process of a music video created with the VR animation tool, Quill. The music video is a 2D realization of 3D scenes and animated characters. The 5-minute-long piece was produced by the speaker in conjunction with the VR animator, Dan Franke, of Studio Syro.

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