Deal Better Drugs: Gaming Addiction and Nutrition

Whether we call it an addiction, a compulsion, a passionate hobby, a distraction, or just a way to kill time, half of Americans are playing video games now, and more than half of those are playing daily. 34 million Americans play an average of 22 hours per week. About 60 percent of gamers have neglected sleep to keep playing, and about 40 percent have missed a meal. One in eight would describe themselves as a legitimate addict.

As a 25 year veteran of producing, publishing, and marketing videogames, Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson reflects on the simple truth that whatever we call it, interactive media makers are responsible for an incredible and ever-increasing amount of input into the collective psyche, and are often an attractive option for those suffering from the skyrocketing global anxiety and depression epidemic.

He has strong ideas about the dangers and opportunities brought about by what he calls the new digital pharmaceuticals.

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