From Camgirl to Screenwriter: The Labor of Sex Work

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“Sex work is work.” It’s a common rallying cry––but what does it mean? And how does it manifest in our mainstream representations of sex work in film? Join screenwriter and former sex worker Isa Mazzei for a talk about the labor of sex work, as she explores her own journey from sugar baby and camgirl to Hollywood screenwriter and author. She’ll share from her new memoir CAMGIRL and illustrate how skills she learned as a sex worker helped her sell her first feature film, CAM, to Netflix. Her story is as inspiring as it is insightful: it unpacks the complex relationship between identity, creativity, and the ethics of representation. Mazzei’s story will reframe the way you think about sex––and sex work––and help anyone actualize their own creative self, be it in sex work, filmmaking, or beyond.

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photo of Isa Mazzei
Isa Mazzei


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