The Time I Smashed a TV and Saw the Face of God

Destruction is necessary to create. Construction crews have wrecking balls, pencils have erasers, and computers have undo. Every creative project involves lopping off the head of the expected and birthing a new head out of that neck hole. To look upon the newborn face of creativity might be confusing at first, it might be exhilarating, or it might drive you insane - but it will never leave you bored.

Chris P., Titmouse founder and president was born with this innate creative instinct. He will divulge the origins of the infamous Smash Party — a party that celebrates destruction and how that led to Smash Party VR. In an original cartoon mashup event, experimental animation is celebrated at Titmouse’s 5 Second Day. Finally, learn why tabletop games and damage rolls are more than just a weekend amusement (he is the executive producer on Legend of Vox Machina and founding member of the Murder Hobos).

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photo of Chris Prynoski
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