Featured Session: Magical Mushrooms: How Mushrooms Could Help Save Us All

Life on Earth has evolved over billions of years. Fungi create the soil food webs that nourish us. The loss of biodiversity is directly related to the loss of forests, pollution, climate chaos and over population. As biodiversity plummets, like rivets on an airplane, at what point will our ecosystems face catastrophic failure? Bees are particularly vulnerable. Their losses are an immediate threat to global worldwide food biosecurity.
Not only do fungi are key to the soils that sustain us, they offer us deployable solutions to the challenges we face today. We are a time critical where we need to invent new ways of thinking. Using fungi in an ecologically rational and economically sustainable way, we have an opportunity to create a paradigm shift in consciousness. Psilocybin mushrooms may be the key to helping us a species to better cope, and spur the creativity needed to help save this planet and its citizen species.

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