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As idea people, two of the biggest struggles we face are TIME and ATTENTION. It's really hard to find enough time to get your best work done, and almost impossible to keep an audience's attention long enough to make the impact you need. Happily, ground-breaking vision science, ancient storytelling wisdom, and classic persuasion skills now combine to give us a brand-new approach.

In this entertaining and practical upcoming business book, international bestselling author Dan Roam (The Back of the Napkin, Show & Tell, Draw to Win) introduces the THE POP-UP PITCH, a clear and simple 10-page presentation template specifically crafted to help you build in two hours your most persuasive story -- a story so compelling that your audience will want to see more.

Based on a decade of research and more than five hundred executive presentations created for such organizations as Google, Microsoft, Intel, CapitalOne, the US Navy,, and Singularity University, Dan has distilled the core of the most persuasive presentations into a practical and flexible 10-page template you can use to tell any business story. And best of all, with this handbook, you can create the entire structure of your TEN PAGE PITCH in two hours. (In fact, if it takes longer, it probably won't be as effective!)

How is this possible? Using a never-before-seen combination of visual-cognition science, classic storytelling frames, and business persuasion skills, Dan and his team have crafted a truly practical framework that focuses your clearest thinking, saves you valuable time, and buys you abundant audience attention.

What you will take away from this panel:
The 10 must-have pages of a truly persuasive pitch
The hidden secret of human visual cognition
The most classic storytelling pitch of all time
Your own 1-page plan for creating your own TEN PAGE PITCH

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