Highly Functional: Microdosing Cannabis

Please be aware that cannabis and related laws vary. Programming in this track is designed to inform attendees about this fast-changing industry, and does not promote the use or sale of illegal drugs.

Xanax. Adderall. Ambien. We are a country of pill poppers. Since 1997, our prescription rate has increased by 85% — America now fills 4.2 billion prescriptions annually. And 49% of Americans have taken a prescription drug in the last month; 15% of adults take at least five prescription medications regularly.
Thanks to the advances of modern medicine, many of these pills treat life-threatening diseases. But for people striving to live their best life — whether through more restful sleep, less stress, happier mood, more energy, improved focus  — could there be a better way? 
Plant-based medicine, especially the cannabis wonder twins of THC and CBD, holds the power to unleash our most highly functional selves. To take advantage, we deserve better options than baggies of herb, sketchy pot brownies and vapes with a bevy of complications. Meet cannabis for the future: Cannabis tablets. 1906 has pioneered new technology to develop low-dose, fast-acting, precisely calibrated cannabis tablets that are discreet, portable, dependable and allergen-sensitive. 1906’s innovative Drops help us all to perform our best and experience life’s full potential. 
After an accomplished career in public health and advocacy Jackie Cornell, 1906 Chief of Policy and Health Innovations, explores the opportunities to blur the line between “recreational” and “medicinal” cannabis, and explains how microdosing can help users reach their most highly functional self. 

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photo of Jackie Cornell
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