Featured Session: Less Trust, More Truth: The Web 3.0 Thesis

Less Trust, More Truth is the maxim for Web 3.0, a concept Dr. Gavin Wood coined soon after co-founding the Ethereum project. Web 3.0 might be said to be a technological reaction to a political problem: it seeks to redress society’s balance between trust and truth. Though “trust” is generally seen in a positive light, in this context, it’s merely a necessary evil. It is an alternative to relying on our resources and intellect where we place our affairs in the hands of a third-party. In his presentation, Gavin will dive into what this means, and how the new internet tech stack the Web3 Foundation is developing is aimed at solving the systemic rot we see in the web today. He will also conduct a Q&A with Pete Harris, Executive Director of the Austin Blockchain Collective.

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photo of Pete Harris
Pete Harris

Austin Blockchain Collective

photo of Gavin Wood
Gavin Wood

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