We Target the Ones We Love

Date TBA

As AR and VR become more ubiquitous, we'll have wild targeting opportunities that go beyond the tired Facebook ad. To dissect the upcoming philosophical and ethical clusterfuck of predictive advertising and privacy, I will take you on a quick journey into the extreme micro-targeting of my friends and family.

Each micro-campaign will target a person I care about, will be based on extensive research and feedback that I have extracted from them, and will focus on a trackable conversion.
(e.g., "Did these Facebook ads targeted at my best friend get us to hang out more?" or "Did this hyper-focused outdoor campaign get my girlfriend to go this restaurant I've wanted to try?")

I may be estranged from the ones I love after this, but we'll get a fresh perspective on the dark side of targeting.

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photo of Keith Manlove
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