Growth Hacking Unicorns with Government-Funded R&D

What do Tempur-Pedic, the cure for HIV, GPS and the Internet have in common? These are just a few of the disruptive inventions that have come out of US R&D investment. The US spends ~$150 billion/year on R&D; sadly, only .05% of inventions see the light of day. Inventions aren’t just sitting on the shelf, collecting dust; they're in a backroom, the door is locked, and the light is off. Based on a Kauffman study, if 6% more inventions made it out with only a 10% successful commercialization rate, the US could gain $1.5 trillion in GDP. Imagine launching a company that, from Day 1, has IP with millions of dollars of research backing. Rosemarie Truman and her partners unlocked 280+ inventions and will share the missing formula for turning government-funded tech into billion-dollar startups.

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