Using Science Fiction to Inspire Innovation

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Using Science Fiction to Inspire Innovation


Many breakthroughs in design & innovation have been inspired by science fiction. It’s no coincidence that Motorola’s highest selling device, the clamshell phone, looked remarkably similar to Roddenberry’s Star Trek communicator. Steve Jobs was so inspired by Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, that it led him to develop Apple’s Siri a much more benevolent version of HAL. HAL and Siri both inspired Spike Jonze’s movie “Her’, a story about a life-like AI assistant and a lonely man. It becomes a cycle. That's why we've developed a method to use Sci Fi storytelling for disruptive innovation with a group of collaborators. This process invites and empowers participants to predict the future by first imagining it and then actively creating it. Join us!

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