Voice User Interface Meet Up

We are in an age where VUI is ubiquitous and becoming increasingly more a part of our everyday lives. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are now common household appliances. Some estimates state that 504 million people will have used digital assistants, and project that by 2021 that number will have grown to 1.8 billion. We can’t ignore that voice assistants are on the rise. Yet while voice assistants have made a dramatic improvement in our everyday lives, they still have some inherent drawbacks, both in their design and functionality. What are those limitations and how can they be resolved? Join this mastermind meet up as we discuss what a voice user interface is and how it exists in the current marketplace, how it can be improved, and what its future will be.

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photo of Lara Bucarey
Lara Bucarey


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Mark Sternberg

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