Chicks on Speed

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Chicks on Speed Flying VooCha is Melissa E. Logan with Nelly Ellinor and Lila Twills. The multimodal project richochets between fine art provocateur. The Chicks performance utilizes prototype instruments, many wearable. The audience is invited and it could be that Chicks are testing new machine instruments. The music made is not meant to please or comfort, in fact it could hurt and get lost in repetition only to come out with very tightly structured works.
Mentally Naked is a new release by Chicks on Speed and Captain Mustache and is featured on the last, great podcast of Andrew Weatherall. In a time of lounge mood hotel lobby music, his stream is fittingly titled Music’s not for Everyone. Chicks on Speed were not created to please, with the artists Nelly Ellinor on Keys and vocals, Lila Twills on her prophet joining forces, the ever fluctuating group delivers sparkling surreal poetic electro. Chicks on Speed 'Will Save Us All’ was released in a time when it did not seem like anyone needed saving. On the cusp of our self inflicted environmental catastrophe Chicks come back to SXSW, are we beyond saving?

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