Sunrise Police

Sunrise Police - Heat Seeker

Sunrise Police, as the name suggests is a lifestyle that doesn’t include going to bed before the sun comes up. This is how the groups name was decided upon, after serval long nights of partying in their home town of Austin, Tx. Sunrise Police plays upbeat Alternative rock infused with electronic and hip hop influences to bring a new sound through modern production and fresh lyrical content. After meeting at a local apartment complex pool, guitarist Scott Langford soon started working over nights with vocalist Ryan Foley at a science research facility as security guards. Following a last minute road trip to Bonnaroo music festival in 2016, the two were soon laid off and decided to start making music soon after. Within a few months the group had started playing shows and recorded their first EP, including “Bottom of the Bottle” and “Woke Up”. “How Long”, released a year later was an introduction to their new sound by incorporating alternative and electronic influences. Sunrise Police is currently releasing new singles, “Heat Seeker” released late July and “Night Out” in November of 2019 and have intentions of making new releases every few months leading into the new decade.

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