Patti - Apple T

What is a riff? NYC’s Patti is immediately catchy post-punk goofy enough to disguise what the band’s members truly are: shredders. Patti rips between dissonant punk, inept proto hardcore, and psycho noise-pop, with gang-vocal lyrics that deal with issues as relevant as class conflict and having fun. Tightly wound Devonic energy and razor sharp songwriting—there are a lot of unique moments in Patti songs that only come around once, so you have to see the band again if you want to revisit them. This is hardly a chore. Live, Patti pushes energy up and over the edge, and these unexpected moments shine in brittle high-end rapture. Before long, these frantic 2-minute zoomers reveal themselves as cohesive vision-objects.

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Genre: Punk
Subgenre: Post-Punk
From: Brooklyn, NY