House of Kenzo

House of Kenzo
House of Kenzo - folie à deux : Sonica elite (An audio novella) (HALC025)

House of Kenzo is a bleeding edge art collective of dancers, designers, musicians, choreographers, and multimedia artists from San Antonio, Texas. Using personal examinations to explore diverse motifs, the group has developed a unique contemporary take on how experimental theater informs experimental movement via Sound design. Their provocative and eclectic performance style draws inspirations from the teachings of Martha Graham, robotic movements, protests, the politics of death, and Fernand Léger’s frenetic avant-garde 1924 film, Ballet mécanique. Texas has experienced so many physical, structural, cultural, and internal battles and this project is scoring that devastation. Fusing heavy metal double bass with a cunt disposition is natural when you realize that it is a war out here and we must battle in order to build. Dark, dirty, ruby red roots embodying the architectural virus. The amalgamation of populous meeting progress. Show me your body. Build me up and break me apart."

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Subgenre: Death Metal
From: San Antonio, TX