Ice Cream

Ice Cream - Peanut Butter

The product of years of collaboration between Amanda Crist (US Girls, Darlene Shrugg) and Carlyn Bezic (Slim Twig, Darlene Shrugg), Ice Cream began as a spare “molecular pop” project - but since their 2016 debut, Love, Ice Cream, the band’s sound has evolved into something far more lush and layered for FED UP, out now.

Borrowing in equal measure from pop, electronic music, R&B, and classic rock, Ice Cream have created a vibrant sonic world where shuddering beats, catchy melodies and heavy rock-and-roll riffs lock perfectly into lyrics about the pressures of living under late capitalism and the male gaze. The album’s first single “Peanut Butter” is a powerful statement of purpose, pairing an infectious beat with soaring riffs and playfully defiant lyrics eviscerating male entitlement.

With their startling, sly lyrics, neon-bright solos and shimmering hooks, Ice Cream subvert the most tired tropes of pop and rock – all while claiming the best parts for themselves.

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Toronto, CANADA
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