Stephen Clair

Stephen Clair - Strange Perfume

"Some of the best rock 'n' roll music you'll hear this year. Raw and in-your-face, Strange Perfume (2019, Rock City) reminds us all of the visceral power of rock ‘n’ roll, without pretence or artifice."
— Power of Pop

"Clair is dropping a potent album that reminds us what rock and roll is about. Strange Perfume is darkly joyous, raving, sneering, lusty and thrilling."
— The Big Takeover

“Blending the kind of jaggedly cool guitar and piano that put Spoon on the map with a deadpan, almost spoken-word vocal delivery, the song quickly evolves into a righteous bar band anthem that feels as much linked to acts like the Hold Steady as it does to Wilco”
— Glide Magazine

"infused with plenty of electric energy. And fortunately for all of us, the guitars are turned up loud in the mix. Clair's songs remind us of classic pop artists from the 1970s and 1980s like The Kinks, The Cars, and Elvis Costello."
— Baby Sue Comix

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Beacon, NY
Indie Rock
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