Troop Brand

It’s a new day in music, a time where people want to feel, think and experience. Combining all aspects of modern music is Atlanta’s Troop Brand. From the live instrumentation of translucent production, to songs with stories of life everyone can relate to. Troop Brand is bringing balance that is needed for the masses. Growing up traveling the world with his parents, Troop became a classically trained opera singer first, gradually growing into various other genres in music. Setting the bar high at a young age, the eagerness to bring a versatile element to his music ensued. Experimenting with other genres has allowed Troop to bring a new neo sound from Atlanta, mixing Hip Hop with a pop formula of melodic tunes shows his strength in making hit records. Currently working on his debut project slated for release Summer 2019, Troop is giving his audience something that will stick to the next generation to come. Troop Brand is here to stay.

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