Mikeysee - Cant Let Go

Over a fresh, sensual groove and a chill ambient flow, the emerging, Long Island bred, L.A. based singer/songwriter sings: “The feeling so strong/It’s taking me home/It’s hard to move on/This is where I belong…” It’s a beautiful, romantic declaration of passion, but beyond that, in a larger sense, it’s the Mikey’s declaration to the world that he’s overcome his painful youth, come to terms with his personal identity and embraced his destiny as a multi-faceted artist committed to helping and healing others with music and humanitarian endeavors.

“The title says it all,” explains the 20 year old singer, who has no need to wait to establish himself in the industry to be an “out” and proud gay man. “This is where I belong, making music, trying to help my community and the world. I’m here to heal and comfort people through my songs and performances, and make sure that no one out there, and especially no kids growing up in this generation, ever feel like I felt. My artistry is the foundation of my mission to help and encourage everyone who has struggled with their identity and been bullied for simply being who they are.”

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Long Island, NY
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