Akinyemi - Finna

Akinyemi’s debut album is a lot of things, but more than anything it is a journey into Akinyemi’s psyche. The album explores his internal struggle to maintain the culture and values of his heritage while also immersing himself into the NYC ethos. The result is a story that is uniquely his own.

The album’s title, “Warriors Fate,” is a translation of Akinyemi’s name, which comes from the Yoruba tribe in Lagos, Nigeria, which is where his family comes from. For his entire life, he’s felt the pressure of being a first-generation American, and defining who he is as he straddles the two worlds. The album showcases his unorthodox approach to life & what being a warrior means to him, while simultaneously addressing issues his listeners can relate to, including mental and physical self-care. Akinyemi plans on partnering with mental health organizations to push his agenda, with songs like “I Feel” and “Breathe.”

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