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Time Zones is the dance music project of Dan Gentile and Jack Murphy. The two began making music together in 2014 while living in Austin, Texas. Their work is rooted in the appreciation of soulful house music and dollar bin disco singles.

Dan is a DJ with fifteen years experience performing as a member of Austin-based DJ crew Flying Turns. He writes about music for outlets like VICE and Wax Poetics and now lives in San Francisco. Jack’s musical background is playing bass and piano in a variety of contexts: from free jazz scenarios to a psych rock band. By day he is a designer and writer in Houston.

Their first vinyl release, The Vibe Shack EP, wears its influences on its disco single sleeve. Crackling samples loop over an assembly of live (read: non-quantized) tracked instruments, including a Korg PolySix, Roland JX-3P, modular synthesizer, and a broken x0xb0x, giving each cut a lively, human touch. Also included is a punchy Unknown FM remix of the title track produced by Mystery Zone Records labelhead Hiatt Becker. The tunes have been mastered hot by Benoit D at Perception Mastering for maximum dance floor impact.

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San Francisco, CA
House / Techno
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