Banny Grove

After pioneering the now widely imitated form of underground-band-as-character-based-performance-art, and filling 2017 and 2018 with a staggering number of wigged-up Banny Grove shows across North America and Europe in support of a self-released record and a 7” EP, BANNY GROVE leader Louise Chicoine decided to trade in the costume and the cartoonish-ness that were her signatures in order to break ground on a more profound and lasting body of work. Perhaps not coincidentally, this shift also saw the group relocating from the reputedly over-the-top and image-conscious metropolis of Los Angeles to a solar-powered shack and recording studio in the middle of the Mojave desert. Here they set out to distill elements of pop and electronic music with a high level of compositional inventiveness and a touch of country-western flavor, and to sharpen Louise’s lyrics to the unflinching edge demanded by our challenging and confusing era. The results of this labor are due to take the form of a full-length album -- DustWorld -- that the group is prepping for release in 2020.

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