La Goony Chonga

La Goony Chonga
La Goony Chonga - Duro 2005

La Goony Chonga is a Cuban-American recording artist/songwriter from Miami, Fl. Since beginning to record music in 2012, she has released four solo albums along with popular singles such as "Tira-Tira" and "Buena y Guapa". As an icon in the latina community, many know her music to be empowering and energetic.Her latest release is her album Dimen5ion with JHawk Productions where she infuses west coast sounds into her latin trap style. On the album, she collaborates with different artists like Brooke Candy & La Zowi. La Goony Chonga also showcases her genre diversity with songs like "Pensamientos" and "Dejame Amarte" where she experiments with singing and more chill instrumentals. A fan favorite is her 2nd single off the album titled "Duro 2005" which brings us back to the classic reggaeton music she grew up listening to.

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Subgenre: Trap
From: Miami, FL