BIRTHH - Yello / Concrete

BIRTHH is songwriter, producer and daydreamer Alice Bisi, for whom it's all about surprises. It's what gets her up in the morning – the never-ending promise of beauty, of a vast blue sky to lose yourself in each day. It's also seeped into the music she makes, with her forthcoming second album WHOA full of unexpected key changes, shifting tempos and playful twists and turns. It's there in the way
the crisp beats of single Yello/Concrete, about trying to stay more grounded, morph slowly into a woozy, organ-drenched ballad. Or in the undulating push and pull of the glitchy Supermarkets which, like the rest of the album, Bisi demoed in a nine month burst of creativity in her makeshift bedroom studio before finishing it with Solange collaborator Lucius Page and the Grammy-winning Robert 'LB' Dorsey. Deeply personal – the fragile Parakeet is about the loss of her beloved grandmother – and gleefully abstract, WHOA is an album that will pull the listener deep into its own world. “The songs are little planets,” she says, before keeping the space theme going by referring to the music she makes as 'cosmic pop'.

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