credit: Zachary Vague

Meltt - Love Again

Meltt is a collection of four multi-instrumentalists sonically painting their own dreamscapes by combining psychedelic-guitars, swelling-synthesizers, powerful-drums, and ethereal-vocals. Currently falling somewhere in the category of alternative-rock/psych, the band has been praised for their combination of heavy riffs, colourful instrumentation, detail oriented production, and under it all, multi-layered song-writing.

With an equal love for the blissfully tripped out and the powerfully crunchy corners of music, a Meltt album or show is designed to transport the listener to spaces they have only previously dreamt of: reverb-laden forests at the bottom of the ocean, melodic tide pools begging to be jumped into and impossibly lush and colourful caverns that seem to go on forever.

In recent months Meltt released their debut full-length album Swim Slowly, a highly diverse twelve track reflection on love, mortality, time, personal growth and the hazy line between the spiritual and material worlds. They invite you to leave the shore of your day to day life, take a deep breath, and dive into the soundscapes of their imagination.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Vancouver, CANADA