credit: Chucho Paredes

Macmorfi - Esperar

Macmorfi is a Rock Pop band that emerged on CDMX at the end of 2016. With more than 100 shows in their short career its members describe the band as a façade, character, a costume, or an alter ego that it allows its creators to compose melodies and write lyrics that they would never say under their real name. The simple and sticky melodies remind bands like The Beatles or Beach Boys, as well as national rock groups like Zoé, Pastilla, Little Jesus and some others of the genre. Macmorfi is a musical incoherence that arises from the mix of genres such as rock, punk, surf and pop. In 2019 they hit the Mexicans charts with 4 singles, and their first long-playing album. “DOS”.

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Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Label, Brand Partnership, Gear Endorsement, Booking Agent - US, Producer/Studio Engineer

Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Power Pop
From: Mexico City, MEXICO