Pacific Jam At My Apartment (PJAMA)

Pacific Jam At My Apartment (PJAMA)

credit: Osvaldo Godina

Pacific Jam At My Apartment (PJAMA) - ¡Tómalo! (Súper)

Pacific Jam At My Apartment (PJAMA) is a tropical indie band consolidated in the city of Saltillo, Mexico, at the beginning of 2017. The band has a preference for sounds that are pleasant to the ear and unique musical accents, along with having a specialty for improvisation. PJAMA is also defined by lyrics with a liking for the absence of time and space as well as simple and catchy analogies. The group began as an experimental project, which was formed through improvisations that Rodrigo (ukulele) and Diego (vocals) devised, which then grew to become compositions with an original structure that the other members (Isaac: drums; Santiago: keyboards; Ernesto: bass; Abraham: guitar) added to in order to form a distinctive and energetic style. Currently, PJAMA is planning its first national tour of Mexico in addition to promoting its most recent single, "¡Tómalo! (Súper)", released in January of 2020, which will be part of the band's first full album, to be released this spring.

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Genre: Latin Rock
Subgenre: Indie Rock
From: Saltillo, MEXICO