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“This is the album where I feel like this is me now, more than the others,” says Americana master Chris Berardo on the eve the release of his fourth full-length, Wilder All The Time. “I didn’t really know if the world needs more records, so I wanted to be sure that I really had something to say.”

While it's been more than a few years since his previous full-length, during which he lost a parent and a band-mate while surviving his own serious health scare, Berardo certainly has plenty to share on the career-defining Wilder All The Time. Yet, always an artist who lets his creative urges dictate his career arc, this seasoned singer-songwriter was in no hurry, and the album is a the stronger for it.

“I only need these songs when I need ‘em for me,” he mulls, kicking back in what he calls his “little place in the woods” in Silvermine, CT. “So I tend to wait until there’s something in my head that I love and that I feel like, ooh, I would like be on stage and sing that for people.”

There’s a refreshingly pure, utterly uncynical air about a chat with Berardo. He’s a true throwback tune-smith and lyricist who simply feels compelled to write songs as his expre

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Rye, NY
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