Space Tyger

Can you hear your own accent? Maybe not. But in Alabama, you can certainly hear when someone sounds different. Make no mistake about it— Space Tyger is different. And not just for northwest Alabama.
Bittersweet is the third full-length from Space Tyger, the moniker of Florence, Alabama musician and songwriter Kyle Bragwell. In a decidedly post-genre musical landscape, Bragwell has adopted a modern approach to creating his art, and in the process, has claimed his spot as a progenitor of a fresh, genre-less sound.
If it must be defined, Space Tyger makes compelling, well-written, irresistible synth-pop. It’s music that takes the sensibilities of Frank Ocean and mixes them with the surreal experimentation of The Flaming Lips. And like the Lips, part of what makes it special is the accent— and the friction— that comes from life in rural America.
Is it what you expect from a musician from Muscle Shoals? Likely not. But a deeper listen reveals serious songwriting chops and a natural instinct behind the board that makes perfect sense for a kid that came of age around legends of the craft.
It’s the sound and story of someone who touched the edge… and grew from it.

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Florence, AL
Indie Pop
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