Star Parks

Star Parks

credit: Letitia Smith

Star Parks - Oh Boredom (Schmaltz City, USA)

Star Parks is hard to pin down. Since the release of their 2016 debut Don’t Dwell the band has grown into a 7 piece mini-orchestra, a far throw from its beginnings as a solo act of the group’s principle songwriter, Andy Bianculli. Touring France and Ireland as a solo artist in early 2016, Bianculli caught the attention of Dublin based label, Paper Trail Records when a mutual friend heard the then unreleased album and passed it along to Jack Rainey and Dan Finnegan at Paper Trail. In April of 2016, the band released their first single Theoretical Girls. A somber ballad of unrequited love and disrupted fates. It was featured prominently on playlists as one of the best indie and undiscovered singles of the year.

In May, the LP Don’t Dwell was released. Bandcamp described the album as “erudite chamber pop that hearkens back to the elegant and experimental production of the 1960s, swinging from melancholia to playfulness”. Star Parks, now a four piece with Keith Lough on drums, Ben Burdick on bass and Nathaniel Klugman on keyboards, embarked on a tour of France, Ireland and the United Kingdom in support. The group would later add trumpet player, Derek Phelps and trombonist Wayne Myers

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Indie Rock
From: Austin, TX