Sean Henry

Sean Henry

credit: Michael Wolever

Sean Henry - Surf Song

So nice they named him twice, Sean Henry, got his start home recording in haunted houses and dorms garnering a cult following in the DIY underground for his unique lo-fi indie pop. Moving to New York City, Sean Henry lived on the Double Double Whammy founders' couch, mailing out records. Soon after, the iconic DDW released his mixtape and first studio album, Fink. Sean Henry solidified his band and toured. Returning to his hometown in Connecticut, he immediately began recording his next endeavor with his guitarist and co-producer, Brian Antonucci, diving deeper than ever before.

Sean Henry’s second studio album, A Jump from the High Dive, brings new inspiration and pop-focused elements to the front of his alt-rock sound while maintaining the soft grunge style that made him a staple in the New York scene.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Waterbury, CT