Luke De-Sciscio

Luke De-Sciscio

credit: Robyn Hodgkiss

Luke De-Sciscio - Im a Dream Fighting Out Of A Man

Luke De-Sciscio is a UK singer-songwriter whose music sounds like it was transported from a different era of songwriting. Poetically intense and sonically intimate, his releases are recorded almost exclusively live.

Luke's thirst for authenticity draws from the age old adage; 'the truth will set you free.' This mantra which underpins the entirety of his catalogue takes no fuller flight than on 2019's critically acclaimed 'Good Bye Folk Boy'. This 11 track journey was recorded sequentially over the space of 2 months, with each song being recorded on the day it was written and each recording being a one take performance. Shortly after the digital release of 'Good Bye Folk Boy’, a collaboration between Vinyl Moon and Luke De-Sciscio was announced that will finally bring Luke De-Sciscio's music to vinyl.

Recorded over the course of 2 months, Good Bye Folk Boy is the album you get when you take the gentle songwriting of an isolated English folk musician and inject his life with just enough chaos to draw everything into question.
There is an unravelling laced throughout this record. An on the edgedness. It veers into darkness and careens back into light. It traces the edge between

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Genre: Folk
Subgenre: Indie Rock
From: Bath, UK-ENGLAND