Communicant - Sleepwalker


Communicant are a new 4-piece indie psych band from Los Angeles. Lead singer/songwriter/producer Dylan Gardner used to make hyper-melodic updated Beatlepop on his two earlier solo albums, but while working out ideas for new music, he had an epiphany - he could do whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was a psychedelic rock band. The songs are long, trippy, and introspective, the production relaxed, atmospheric, and colorful. The music lifts off with the same sense of possibility that has fueled modern fellow travelers like Tame Imapala, MGMT, Animal Collective, and Crumb.

After almost a year tinkering in their Pasadena, CA home studio, their debut album Sun Goes Out is almost ready for the world. In the meantime, the Memory Palace EP (out now) shows the shape of things to come. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, electronics, and a fantastic record collection meet studio craft and songwriting in a very high place. Welcome to the world of Communicant.

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