Sui Zhen

Sui Zhen - Perfect Place

Throughout her discography and performances, experimental pop and performance artist Sui Zhen has zoomed in on the intersections between human life and technology — how to exist in the digital age, as well as the ways in which we risk losing true sight of ourselves in the process. Sui Zhen’s third album, Losing, Linda, pairs her signature inquisitiveness with a surreal electronic pop that possesses a dreamlike quality: vivid, uncanny, and upon close examination, revealing of deep emotional and personal truths. It’s an album that examines loss on multiple levels — from the death of our loved ones, to our widespread societal tendency to disappear within the ones and zeroes of modern life's tech-driven rush.

Sui Zhen's live set unfolds like a narrative from a dream, pairing the latest singles ‘Perfect Place’, ‘Matsudo City Life’ and ‘Being a Woman’ with expansive, atmospheric soundscapes, spoken-word and improvisation. Joined in her live band by Liv Jansz (Real Love, Punko), Casey Hartnett (Sleep Decade), Andrew Noble (NO ZU) and a fleeting appearance of Linda, come and enjoy the ever changing Sui Zhen landscape.

[Pronounced 'Sue-ee Chen']

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Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
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